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 Howard Green Interview series and podcast begins Nov. 18 on the Toronto Star home   site.
I'm happy to say they're using my music as the theme song . The song is Life Goes On. 
It's on my album The Valley linked above.

 The Foragers live at the Linsmore in Toronto. Dale Harrison on drums and Kojo Ferguson on bass.

This channel is coming soon!

Tony Smith

The Valley

This album was recorded by musicians in London, Toronto and France during the pandemic. All the tracks sent to France to be mixed and mastered with Tony's guitar in the studio in the the middle of France. All this happened during lockdown at the height of the Covid pandemic . Tony is from Toronto and studied music at Humber College. He was the guitarist in several Toronto bands most notably George Oliver's Gangbusters. He moved to London England when he was 28. In London, Tony recorded and released 6 albums of jazz rock (now on streaming sites). He won a MOBO award with London group The Jazz Steppers; played at David Beckham and Posh Spice's wedding; played guitar for L.A. native Roy Ayers band for 10 years in the UK, Europe, Japan and Australia...and finally moved to France with his family and recorded 2 albums in the barn. Yes...he lived in a Valley. Now Tony returns to Toronto bringing his unique style of intensity and joyfulness back with him. Enjoy every second of this delicious new album!


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