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Tony Smith Guitar   416-357-2453 

The Foragers is a rock/funk trio comprised of Tony Smith on guitar, Kojo Ferguson on bass and vocals, and series of great Toronto drummers. We mix up original instrumentals and vocal cover tunes . I also have a super groovy album out with a new band called Growler .The album is called Pacific and you can click the link to music at the bottom of the page .

Tony Smith Guitarist
I studied music at Humber College and then played in and around Toronto for about 10 years before the desire to relocate to Europe saw me to move to London, England. The music scene was lively, and I found a gig with a soul band. I also connected with some fusion guys .At that time there were some great studios in town (which include home studios) and one of them asked me to come and make a record. In fact, I made 2 and then I just kept on going, recording whenever and wherever possible.The jazz /funk great Roy Ayers ask me to join his European/American lineup so I played with him for 10 years and toured Europe ,Japan, Australia and beyond . I then left london for France where I wrote and recorded some more albums. Now I'm back in Toronto . I have created two exciting bands here, The Foragers, a mainly instrumental rock/funk trio and Growler, a five piece Jazz/Groove band . All my music can be streamed on bandcamp and Spotify etc. Click on the Music button below to listen !

This channel is coming soon!
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